GENERAL Overall Width: 72.00” Overall Depth: 42.00” Overall Height: 29.00” Weight Capacity (LBS): 170.1

One major room that makes all the difference in the look of your office is the conference room, and what is the point of a conference room unless it is decorated with an impressive conference table? This 48'' round conference table with a Queen Anne base makes the perfect office conference room furniture. Invest in this stylish piece of furniture to make your office conference room more comfortable and stylish. Offering the perfect dimensions, with 48'' diameter and 29'' height, this conference table is the ideal piece of furniture. With a traditional and elegant inlay top and picture frame moldings, this table with its mahogany finish is exactly what your conference room needs.
  • Elegant and classy
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Usage of high quality wood
  • Unique design



Overall Width: 48.00''

Overall Depth: 48.00''

Overall Height: 29.00''

Weight Capacity (LBS): 108.2

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