Stagger 6 or 8 Desk

Columbia's flexible and adjustable Stagger 6 or 8 desks, designed for collaborative or individual learning, are constructed with fully welded US Made 1.5"x1.5" and 1.25"x1.25" carbon steel. This unit can be adjustable or fixed height, mobile or stationary and can be equipped with our patented book bag hook. Standard with our easily disinfectable solid plastic top, Stagger desks can be equipped with our HPL top with "T" Molding or Dura Edge. Units can be used in a setting of 1-8 desks for the Stagger 8 and setting of 1-6 desks for the Stagger 6 unit.

Can also be equipped with metal book box, clear see through plastic book box or metal wire basket. They can be equipped with PATENT PENDING Aegis Shields.



Model Description D x W x H
DK-TLG-HEXA-2133-AL Stagger 6 Adjustable Desk 21" x 33" x 22"-31"
DK-TLG-OCTA-2130-AL Stagger 8 Adjustable Desk 21" x 33" x 22"-31"

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